released on Sat Jan 07 2012
  • FIXED Lion users: if Safari Omnibar doesn't launch when restarting your system, please re-install Safari Omnibar from the installer. It now bundles a patched version of SIMBL fixing this issue.
  • IMPROVED Handling of unknown URL scheme by asking system if another app registered it (Fix: #71, #58)


released on Sat Aug 20 2011
  • NEW Replace the location field content (current page URL) by the last performed search to help search refining when:
    • Invoking Edit > Find Google... (Cmd-Opt-F) ;
    • Invoking File > Open Location... (Cmd-L) but only if current URL is still the search engine result page of last performed search
    NOTE: This is the first non chrome or firefox like behavior added to Safari omnibar. Let me know if you like or hate it.
  • FIXED Fix post install script bug when username contains spaces
  • FIXED Force javascript:, feed: and man: shemes as URL
  • FIXED Escape '&' and '+' characters so they can be used safely in the search query


released on Mon Aug 08 2011
  • NEW Make Edit > Find > Search Google... to init a search in omnibar with the default search provider (fix #38)
  • NEW Make the location field's text selected on File > Open Location... (Cmd-L), ready to replace its content
  • NEW Add special keyword "?" to force a search with the default search engine
  • FIXED Crash when doing empty search with a custom provider
  • FIXED Installer postinstall error
  • FIXED Beachball when performing single word search with slow resolver (fix #33)
  • FIXED file:/// URLs goes to Google (fix #32)
  • FIXED Single word search detected as URL when system domain search setup with wildcarded domain (fix #36)
  • IMPROVED Rewrote URLs vs search engine query detection algorithm


released on Wed Aug 03 2011
  • NEW Automatic plugin upgrades using Sparkle
  • NEW Search provider editor (right click on location field text -> Edit Omnibar Search Providers...)
  • FIXED Trim leading space from search terms when using custom search engine
  • FIXED Allow access to about:* urls
  • IMPROVED Better detection of URLs vs search engine queries in location bar


released on Sat Jul 23 2011
  • NEW Custom search engines by keyword (eg: "w " to search on Wikipedia)
  • NEW WebKit nightly builds support
  • FIXED Detect scheme://domain-with-no-dot and domain-with-no-dot:port as URLs in order to fix localhost issues


released on Mon Jul 11 2011
  • NEW Snow Leopard support